African Potential: PromotingSupporting Sustaining long term impact

Unleashing Africa’s potential through innovative solutions

We support innovation in Africa through a sustainable, multi-sectoral ecosystem and fair-trade practices.

We enable grant and seed funding mechanisms to allow academics and innovators to bring their work to life, specifically targeting projects and individuals with cutting-edge solutions.

We offer an incubation and acceleration mechanism tailored to the diverse socio-economic needs of the market and the dynamic solutions developed in Africa.

By leveraging strategic partnerships and our network of affiliate partners, we identify impactful projects, conduct assessments, and engage in ongoing research and development, ensuring that our investments are well-supported throughout the development pipeline

Commercial African Potential


Innovation catalyser – innovative funding that allows us to go from discovery to take-to-market in reducing the global health burden & climate impact


Profit for Purpose – nurturing the potential in people to grow small ideas for big purpose while focusing on our key program areas. We drive sustainable development across communities

We support innovation in Africa through a sustainable, multi-sectoral ecosystem and fair-trade practices.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

At African Potential, we embody a holistic perspective on sustainability, emphasizing the interconnectedness of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through our systems-based approach.

Our dedication lies in uplifting under-resourced communities, restoring ecological balance, and fostering innovation.

Our approach is community-focused, earning recognition from the World Health Organisation for its effectiveness. We stand for transparency, accountability, and the practical application of smart, systemic innovations. 

Goal 17: Partnerships for the Goals

The principles of creating effective partnerships and collaborations is the foundation of African Potential.
We champion the creation and deployment of innovative financial instruments like social impact bonds, green bonds, and carbon credits, facilitating funding for developing nations.

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