African Potential Group: Fueled by Passion, Driven by Potential

Innovate with Purpose: Nurturing Resilience in African Economies

We are a collective of passionate individuals who firmly believe in the potential of Africa.

This is embodied in our commitment to the continent through growing a thriving, resilient, and sustainable innovation pipeline that benefits Africa’s economies and communities

Our unwavering goal is to create a lasting wealth legacy for the continent, where profit serves a meaningful purpose and African innovations achieve their potential.

Innovate with Purpose: Nurturing Resilience in African Economies

We prioritise the health & climate-health agendas, taking a holistic and interconnected approach, actively involving academics, innovators, industry, donors, and communities in collectively build a robust ecosystem geared to effecting positive change.

We proudly uphold fair trade practices while empowering our ecosystem, collaborators, and communities to be the visionary architects of transformative change.

reducing disease transmission

Reducing Disease Transmission

Medical Device Innovations

supporting the next generation off innovators

Supporting the Next Generation of Innovators

Ensuring Food Security

Addressing Water Sustainability

Enabling Community Development